The masks that my wife received from your company What If We Care are wonderful for me anyway, I have health issues and when wearing your company’s mask I can breathe without any problem other masks I’ve used have been uncomfortable to wear, not covering nose, mouth properly and if the do my breathing suffers, I would highly recommend your masks.
John Keogh
I have tried multiple masks over the past few weeks. The masks composition were, cotton, linen, polyester etc.
I then discovered the masks from Immediately, i I noticed that the fit and comfort  when wearing the mask was immeasurably superior to all the previous masks I had tried.
Not only are the masks are comfortable, they are also significantly easier to breathe whilst wearing.
I have bought multiple masks, which I have given to my friends and family. Without exception,  everyone thinks that the masks were exceptional. My female friends have also mentioned that the masks don’t irritate their skin when wearing makeup.
In short, I could not recommend these masks highly enough.
Declan Farrell, Customer

I am so glad I discovered these lovely soft cotton masks – they are much more comfortable to wear than the disposable ones, or even other re-usable ones made out of polyester type fabric.

I bought fifteen of them and just put them in my washing machine with a white load and they come up lovely and white and fresh.
And, what’s more, they’re eco friendly, so the environment is not suffering either!
I can’t recommend these masks highly enough!
Pat Watson, Customer