What If We all Cared a little more about what is best for our patients and the community; health, safety and healing.

We aim to bring comfort and convenience for those requiring the products necessary to care for people both in hospital and the community.

What If We Care is a privately owned business set up to assist people with finding the products they require in a seamless manner.

The team are keen to build a market with “Caring” as the core focus.

Among us we have many years supplying to the Healthcare sector, building relationships with the people who work within this area and now we want to bring our experience to both the healthcare sector and the broader community.

With core business values fundamental to our success, What If We care can assure good quality service, support and value, thus building up good relationships of trust with our customers.

What If We Care cares deeply about their customers whilst they care for their patients and loved ones.

We offer a wide selection of Protective Products, Uniforms, Bedding, Towels and consumable products designed for the Healthcare and allied markets. We have focused on creating a business model that delivers what you need, when you need it!

A one stop shop for all your required and sundry items to save you time and effort in the ordering process. We want to provide the products you need when you need them

We have a large supply of products to care for people in the community as well as specialized products for care in a healthcare setting.

Please browse the products using the navigation links at the top of the page. We look forward to hearing from you!